Latest Releases
DrizzleORM v0.30.8 release
Apr 11, 2024
Added custom schema support to enums in Postgres, changed D1 'migrate()' function to use batch API, updated '.onConflictDoUpdate' method, fixed query generation for 'where' clause in Postgres '.onConflictDoNothing' method and fixed various bugs related to AWS Data API.
DrizzleORM v0.30.7 release
Apr 3, 2024
Added mappings for '@vercel/postgres' package and fixed interval mapping for neon drivers.
DrizzleORM v0.30.6 release
Mar 28, 2024
Added support for PGlite driver.
DrizzleORM v0.30.5 release
Mar 27, 2024
Added '$onUpdate' functionality for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite and fixed insertions on columns with the smallserial datatype.
DrizzleORM v0.30.4 release
Mar 19, 2024
Added support for Xata driver.
DrizzleORM v0.30.3 release
Mar 19, 2024
Added raw query support to batch API in Neon HTTP driver, fixed '@neondatabase/serverless' HTTP driver types issue, and fixed sqlite-proxy driver '.run()' result.
DrizzleORM v0.30.2 release
Mar 14, 2024
Updated LibSQL migrations to utilize batch execution instead of transactions and fixed findFirst query for bun:sqlite.
DrizzleORM v0.30.1 release
Mar 8, 2024
Added support for op-sqlite driver and fixed migration hook for Expo driver.
DrizzleORM v0.30.0 release
Mar 7, 2024
Modified the 'postgres.js' driver instance to always return strings for dates, and then Drizzle will provide you with either strings of mapped dates, depending on the selected 'mode'. Fixed many bugs related to timestamps and dates.
DrizzleORM v0.29.5 release
Mar 6, 2024
Added with update, with delete, with insert, possibility to specify custom schema and custom name for migrations table, sqlite proxy batch and relational queries support.
DrizzleORM v0.29.4 release
Feb 22, 2024
Added Neon HTTP Batch support and updated the default behavior and instances of database-js.
DrizzleORM v0.29.3 release
Jan 2, 2024
Fixed expo peer dependencies.
DrizzleORM v0.29.2 release
Dec 25, 2023
Implemented enhancements in the planescale relational tests. Corrected string escaping for empty PgArrays. Rectified syntax error for the exists function in SQLite. Ensured proper handling of dates in AWS Data API. Resolved the Hermes mixins constructor issue.
DrizzleORM v0.29.1 release
Nov 29, 2023
Fixed issues include forwarding arguments correctly when using the withReplica feature, resolving the selectDistinctOn not working with multiple columns problem, and providing detailed JSDoc for all query builders in all dialects. Additionally, introduced new helpers for aggregate functions in SQL and a new ESLint Drizzle Plugin package.
DrizzleORM v0.29.0 release
Nov 9, 2023
Added new features like unsigned option for bigint in MySQL, improved query builder types, added possibility to specify name for primary keys and foreign keys, read replicas support, set operators support, new MySQL and PostgreSQL proxy drivers, D1 Batch API support.
DrizzleORM v0.28.6 release
Sep 6, 2023
Changed datetime mapping for MySQL, added LibSQL batch API support, added JSON mode for text in SQLite, added '.toSQL()' to Relational Query API calls, added new PostgreSQL operators for Arrays, added more SQL operators for the 'where' function in Relational Queries, and fixed bugs.
DrizzleORM v0.28.5 release
Aug 24, 2023
Fixed incorrect OpenTelemetry type import that caused a runtime error.
DrizzleORM v0.28.4 release
Aug 24, 2023
Fixed imports in ESM-based projects and type error on Postgres table definitions.
DrizzleORM v0.28.3 release
Aug 22, 2023
Added SQLite simplified query API, added methods to column builders and to table model type inference. Fixed sqlite-proxy and SQL.js response from '.get()' when the result is empty.
DrizzleORM v0.28.2 release
Aug 10, 2023
Added a set of tests for d1, fixed issues in internal documentation, resolved the issue of truncating timestamp milliseconds for MySQL, corrected the type of the '.get()' method for sqlite-based dialects, rectified the sqlite-proxy bug that caused the query to execute twice. Added a support for Typebox package.
DrizzleORM v0.28.1 release
Aug 7, 2023
Fixed Postgres array-related issues introduced by 0.28.0.
DrizzleORM v0.28.0 release
Aug 6, 2023
Removed support for filtering by nested relations, Added Relational Queries mode config for mysql2 driver, improved IntelliSense performance for large schemas, improved Relational Queries Permormance and Read Usage. Added possibility to insert rows with default values for all columns.
DrizzleORM v0.27.2 release
Jul 12, 2023
Added support for unique constraints in PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite.
DrizzleORM v0.16.2 release
Jan 21, 2023
Drizzle ORM - is an idiomatic TypeScript ORM which can be used as query builder and as an ORM being the source of truth for SQL schema and CLI for automatic migrations generation.
DrizzleORM v0.11.0 release
Jul 20, 2022
DrizzleORM - is an open source TypeScript ORM, supports PostgreSQL and about to have MySQL and SQLite support in couple of weeks. We've decided it's time to share it with public.