drizzle-zod is a plugin for Drizzle ORM (opens in a new tab) that allows you to generate Zod (opens in a new tab) schemas from Drizzle ORM schemas.

Install the dependencies

npm i drizzle-zod


import { pgEnum, pgTable, serial, text, timestamp } from 'drizzle-orm/pg-core';
import { createInsertSchema, createSelectSchema } from 'drizzle-zod';
import { z } from 'zod';
const users = pgTable('users', {
  id: serial('id').primaryKey(),
  name: text('name').notNull(),
  email: text('email').notNull(),
  role: text('role', { enum: ['admin', 'user'] }).notNull(),
  createdAt: timestamp('created_at').notNull().defaultNow(),
// Schema for inserting a user - can be used to validate API requests
const insertUserSchema = createInsertSchema(users);
// Schema for selecting a user - can be used to validate API responses
const selectUserSchema = createSelectSchema(users);
// Overriding the fields
const insertUserSchema = createInsertSchema(users, {
  role: z.string(),
// Refining the fields - useful if you want to change the fields before they become nullable/optional in the final schema
const insertUserSchema = createInsertSchema(users, {
  id: (schema) =>,
  email: (schema) =>,
  role: z.string(),
// Usage
const user = insertUserSchema.parse({
  name: 'John Doe',
  email: '[email protected]',
  role: 'admin',
// Zod schema type is also inferred from the table schema, so you have full type safety
const requestSchema = insertUserSchema.pick({ name: true, email: true });