DrizzleORM v0.28.3 release
Aug 22, 2023


  • Fixed sqlite-proxy and SQL.js response from .get() when the result is empty

New Features

πŸŽ‰ Added SQLite simplified query API

πŸŽ‰ Added .$defaultFn() / .$default() methods to column builders

For more information check docs for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.

You can specify any logic and any implementation for a function like cuid() for runtime defaults. Drizzle won’t limit you in the number of implementations you can add.

Note: This value does not affect the drizzle-kit behavior, it is only used at runtime in drizzle-orm

import { varchar, mysqlTable } from "drizzle-orm/mysql-core";
import { createId } from '@paralleldrive/cuid2';

const table = mysqlTable('table', {
  id: varchar('id', { length: 128 }).$defaultFn(() => createId()),

πŸŽ‰ Added table.$inferSelect / table._.inferSelect and table.$inferInsert / table._.inferInsert for more convenient table model type inference

  • πŸ›  Deprecated InferModel type in favor of more explicit InferSelectModel and InferInsertModel
import { InferSelectModel, InferInsertModel } from 'drizzle-orm'

const usersTable = pgTable('users', {
  id: serial('id').primaryKey(),
  name: text('name').notNull(),
  verified: boolean('verified').notNull().default(false),
  jsonb: jsonb('jsonb').$type<string[]>(),
  createdAt: timestamp('created_at', { withTimezone: true }).notNull().defaultNow(),

type SelectUser = typeof usersTable.$inferSelect;
type InsertUser = typeof usersTable.$inferInsert;

type SelectUser2 = InferSelectModel<typeof usersTable>;
type InsertUser2 = InferInsertModel<typeof usersTable>;
  • πŸ›  Disabled .d.ts files bundling