DrizzleORM v0.30.4 release
Mar 19, 2024

New Features

🎉 xata-http driver support

According their official website, Xata is a Postgres data platform with a focus on reliability, scalability, and developer experience. The Xata Postgres service is currently in beta, please see the Xata docs on how to enable it in your account.

Drizzle ORM natively supports both the xata driver with drizzle-orm/xata package and the postgres or pg drivers for accessing a Xata Postgres database.

The following example use the Xata generated client, which you obtain by running the xata init CLI command.

npm i drizzle-orm @xata.io/client
npm i -D drizzle-kit
import { drizzle } from 'drizzle-orm/xata-http';
import { getXataClient } from './xata'; // Generated client

const xata = getXataClient();
const db = drizzle(xata);

const result = await db.select().from(...);

You can also connect to Xata using pg or postgres.js drivers

To get started with Xata and Drizzle follow the documentation.