DrizzleORM v0.29.2 release
Dec 25, 2023


  • Added improvements to the planescale relational tests (#1579)
  • FIX: correct string escaping for empty PgArrays (#1640)
  • Fix wrong syntax for exists fn in sqlite (#1647)
  • Properly handle dates in AWS Data API
  • Fix Hermes mixins constructor issue

ESLint Drizzle Plugin, v0.2.3

npm i [email protected]

🎉 [ESLint] Add support for functions and improve error messages

  • Allowed Drizzle object to be or to be retrieved from a function, e.g.
  • Added better context to the suggestion in the error message.

For more info you can check docs

New Drivers

🎉 Expo SQLite Driver is available

For starting with Expo SQLite Driver, you need to install expo-sqlite and drizzle-orm packages.

npm install drizzle-orm expo-sqlite@next

Then, you can use it like this:

import { drizzle } from "drizzle-orm/expo-sqlite";
import { openDatabaseSync } from "expo-sqlite/next";

const expoDb = openDatabaseSync("db.db");

const db = drizzle(expoDb);

await db.select().from(...)...

// or


// or


If you want to use Drizzle Migrations, you need to update babel and metro configuration files.

  1. Install babel-plugin-inline-import package.
npm install babel-plugin-inline-import
  1. Update babel.config.js and metro.config.js files.
module.exports = function(api) {

  return {
    presets: ['babel-preset-expo'],
+   plugins: [["inline-import", { "extensions": [".sql"] }]]
const { getDefaultConfig } = require('expo/metro-config');

/** @type {import('expo/metro-config').MetroConfig} */
const config = getDefaultConfig(__dirname);


module.exports = config;
  1. Create drizzle.config.ts file in your project root folder.
import type { Config } from 'drizzle-kit';

export default {
  schema: './db/schema.ts',
  out: './drizzle',
    dialect: 'sqlite',
  driver: 'expo',
} satisfies Config;

After creating schema file and drizzle.config.ts file, you can generate migrations like this:

npx drizzle-kit generate

Then you need to import migrations.js file in your App.tsx file from ./drizzle folder and use hook useMigrations or migrate function.

import { drizzle } from "drizzle-orm/expo-sqlite";
import { openDatabaseSync } from "expo-sqlite/next";
import { useMigrations } from 'drizzle-orm/expo-sqlite/migrator';
import migrations from './drizzle/migrations';

const expoDb = openDatabaseSync("db.db");

const db = drizzle(expoDb);

export default function App() {
    const { success, error } = useMigrations(db, migrations);

    if (error) {
        return (
                <Text>Migration error: {error.message}</Text>

    if (!success) {
        return (
                <Text>Migration is in progress...</Text>

    return ...your application component;