Drizzle | Point datatype in PostgreSQL
This guide assumes familiarity with:

PostgreSQL has a special datatype to store geometric data called point. It is used to represent a point in a two-dimensional space. The point datatype is represented as a pair of (x, y) coordinates. The point expects to receive longitude first, followed by latitude.

import { sql } from 'drizzle-orm';

const db = drizzle(...);

await db.execute(
  sql`select point(-90.9, 18.7)`,
    point: '(-90.9,18.7)' 

This is how you can create table with point datatype in Drizzle:

import { pgTable, point, serial, text } from 'drizzle-orm/pg-core';

export const stores = pgTable('stores', {
  id: serial('id').primaryKey(),
  name: text('name').notNull(),
  location: point('location', { mode: 'xy' }).notNull(),

This is how you can insert point data into the table in Drizzle:

// mode: 'xy'
await db.insert(stores).values({
  name: 'Test',
  location: { x: -90.9, y: 18.7 },

// mode: 'tuple'
await db.insert(stores).values({
  name: 'Test',
  location: [-90.9, 18.7],

// sql raw
await db.insert(stores).values({
  name: 'Test',
  location: sql`point(-90.9, 18.7)`,

To compute the distance between the objects you can use <-> operator. This is how you can query for the nearest location by coordinates in Drizzle:

import { getTableColumns, sql } from 'drizzle-orm';
import { stores } from './schema';

const point = {
  x: -73.935_242,
  y: 40.730_61,

const sqlDistance = sql`location <-> point(${point.x}, ${point.y})`;

await db
    distance: sql`round((${sqlDistance})::numeric, 2)`,
select *, round((location <-> point(-73.935242, 40.73061))::numeric, 2)
from stores order by location <-> point(-73.935242, 40.73061)
limit 1;

To filter rows to include only those where a point type location falls within a specified rectangular boundary defined by two diagonal points you can user <@ operator. It checks if the first object is contained in or on the second object:

const point = {
  x1: -88,
  x2: -73,
  y1: 40,
  y2: 43,

await db
    sql`${stores.location} <@ box(point(${point.x1}, ${point.y1}), point(${point.x2}, ${point.y2}))`
select * from stores where location <@ box(point(-88, 40), point(-73, 43));