Meet Drizzle Studio

🖥 Drizzle Studio is a new way for you to explore SQL database on Drizzle projects.

Drizzle Studio

Drizzle studio grabs your drizzle config file, connects to your database and lets you browse, add, delete and update everything based on your existing drizzle sql schema. It supports explicit null and empty string values, booleans, numbers and big integers, json objects and json arrays.

Quick start

Install dependencies

Check out extended docs for SQL dialect and drivers.

npm i drizzle-orm
npm i -D drizzle-kit

Prepare your database schema

Check out extended schema declaration docs.

import { pgTable, serial, text, varchar } from "drizzle-orm/pg-core";

export const users = pgTable('users', {
  id: serial('id').primaryKey(),
  fullName: text('full_name'),
  phone: varchar('phone', { length: 256 }),

Prepare config file

Check out extended config file docs.

import type { Config } from "drizzle-kit";
import * as dotenv from "dotenv";
export default {
  schema: "./schema/*",
  out: "./drizzle",
  driver: 'pg',
  dbCredentials: {
    connectionString: process.env.DB_URL,
} satisfies Config;

Launch Drizzle Studio

npx drizzle-kit studio
pnpm drizzle-kit studio
yarn drizzle-kit studio
bunx drizzle-kit studio

You can launch studio with port cli flag to customise process port and verbose flag for extended SQL statements logging

yarn drizzle-kit studio --port 3000 --verbose

By default, Drizzle Studio will be launched on the host, and studio server will be launched on host but you can specify any host you want

yarn drizzle-kit studio --host

What’s next?

We’re going to massively improve and extend Drizzle Studio in the upcoming months!
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