According to the official website, Turso is a libSQL powered edge SQLite database as a service.

Drizzle ORM natively supports libSQL driver, we embrace SQL dialects and dialect specific drivers and syntax and mirror most popular SQLite-like all, get, values and run query methods syntax.

npm i drizzle-orm @libsql/client
npm i -D drizzle-kit
import { drizzle } from 'drizzle-orm/libsql';
import { createClient } from '@libsql/client';

const client = createClient({ url: 'DATABASE_URL', authToken: 'DATABASE_AUTH_TOKEN' });

const db = drizzle(client);

const result = await

Unless you plan on writing every SQL query by hand, a table declaration is helpful:

import { sql } from "drizzle-orm";
import { text, integer, sqliteTable } from "drizzle-orm/sqlite-core";

const users = sqliteTable('users', {
  id: text('id'),
  textModifiers: text('text_modifiers').notNull().default(sql`CURRENT_TIMESTAMP`),
  intModifiers: integer('int_modifiers', { mode: 'boolean' }).notNull().default(false),

For more details about column types, see the SQLite column types in Drizzle.