According to their official website, Vercel Postgres is a serverless SQL database designed to integrate with Vercel Functions.

Drizzle ORM natively supports both @vercel/postgres serverless driver with drizzle-orm/vercel-postgres package and postgres or pg drivers to access Vercel Postgres through postgesql://

Check out the official Vercel Postgres + Drizzle docs.

Install dependencies

npm i drizzle-orm @vercel/postgres
npm i -D drizzle-kit

Prepare Vercel Postgres

Setup a project according to the official docs.

Make your first query

import { sql } from '@vercel/postgres';
import { drizzle } from 'drizzle-orm/vercel-postgres';

const db = drizzle(sql)
const result = await;

With @vercel/postgres severless package you can access Vercel Postgres from either serverful or serverless environments with no TCP available, like Cloudflare Workers, through websockets.

If you’re about to use Vercel Postgres from a serverfull environment, you can do it either with @vercel/postgres or directly access the DB through postgesql:// with either postgres or pg.